I should have stopped in to tell you how much I love my hair before we had to fly home. I just love it! You are the greatest. I am so happy that I met you! This hair is so beautiful, I can't even believe it. Thank you so much for encouraging me to step up to the Russian hair and thank you for making me feel like a million dollars!
- Nancy

For the past 3 years Fran has been doing my hair. I have very thin fragile hair and was always extremely self conscious of it. I would not swim or go anywhere without a hat on breezy days. Since Fran has been doing my color, extensions and fillers I find that I no longer agonize about it and go about my daily life with much more confidence. Fran is very knowledgeable about hair extensions, she is continuously educating her self on new methods and products and makes sure that she uses those most appropriate for each person. I value and trust her opinion completely. She will offer her advice and then listen to my concerns or suggestions before going ahead with the application of the extensions.Fran is compassionate, thoughtful, kind and a true professional. I am fortunate to be her client and consider her a true friend. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get extensions.
- Corinna

Fran did extensions for me before my wedding, and I can honestly say (as silly as it sounds) I would not have enjoyed the day as much if it weren't for her and how she made my hair look. I've always been sensitive about my hair, it's very fine and never looks full. It's so flat and volume-less that up-dos don't work and it gets flat if left down. After I got engaged I would look through wedding magazines and dread how my hair was going to look. I met with Fran and she took a lot of time to explain the extensions, match them with my hair color perfectly, and meticulously apply them. Fran really thought about what would work best for me and what I would be able to take care of. In the end, I felt like an improved version of myself, but I still felt like myself. My extensions would last 6-8 weeks at a time and they were absolutely natural looking. No one even noticed, except to say I looked nice! Really what it did was give me the confidence I needed to just enjoy my wedding and feel like the beautiful bride everyone wants to be on their wedding day.
- Caroline

I have been going to Fran since 1996. I have very fine, thin hair and would not let anyone but Fran touch my hair. I trust her hair cuts explicitly and always come away feeling like a new person. She listens to what I want, but I always want her input. I am never dissatisfied. She always gives me a follow up call to see how the cut is working and if there are any problems. How many hair dressers do you know who do that! A true professional!
- Connie

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